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Facilitation of implementation of the project Support to Strategic Management and EU Integration Capacity Development of the Serbian Ministry of Interior Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs / Sida

Property Tax Reform Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs / SDC

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Serbia, Republic of

The beginning of IMG operations in Serbia was marked by two major projects initiated in 1999, aimed at supporting political changes in Serbia through supply and distribution of fuel to democratically elected municipalities. Following the formal opening of Belgrade office in late 2000, IMG formed the Bilateral Section within the organization to provide implementation, monitoring and advisory services to the donor governments.

Since that time, IMG has successfully implemented and monitored well over 80 projects in Serbia in various fields. Among others, these included infrastructure (power and water supply, waste management, environmental protection, construction and refurbishment); agriculture (irrigation systems); education (regional centres for professional development of educators, trainings and capacity building programmes, introduction of key competences, equipping of schools); social welfare (child allowance and family material support, introduction of social care services, tools and mechanisms for local development); policing (strengthening capacities of police institutions Serbia through a newly designed financial management system and procurement of equipment for police departments, forensic laboratories and crime-tech centres); justice (improving the delivery of justice), administration (improvement of civil servants’ professional training process, strengthening strategic operational capability of key governmental institutions), etc.

In the field of information systems design projects, the ISDACON system was created as an advanced tool which would facilitate management of relevant information about donors’ projects. The main objectives of this project were improvement of planning of the Government activities within the scope of intersectoral development strategy and improvement of work of Government personnel engaged on collection and processing of data.