Development of a legal information service "Law-data System” for the Kosovo Assembly

European Summit for Digitalization of the Judiciary in Ohrid

Just ICT
During 12, 13 and 14 June, IMG representatives attended the "European Summit on the Digitalization of the Judiciary" and on "The Benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution as a Mechanism for Restoring Trust in the Judiciary", organized by the Ministry of Justice of North Macedonia and the Academy of Judges and Prosecutors; with the support of the OSCE Mission to Skopje, in Ohrid.

Mr. Argjent Karai the HoM for Kosovo & North Macedonia and the ICT expert Thomas Bech Petersen spoke on IMG's longstading experience in the Region in the field of Rule of Law and in particular in the recent Projects implemented in Kosovo in digital transformation of courts and prosecution offices, and with the LawData Project for the Kosovo Assembly, all financed by Norway.
Well designed IT systems in Judiciary can serve mainly as tools for automated data processing and electronic communication.

This summit was a great opportunity to discuss possible next steps for North Macedonia towards embracing the digital transition in the judiciary.